Our History & Mission – Aiken County Habitat for Humanity

Our History & Mission

Our History & Mission

Our Mission

Seeking to put God’s love into action, ACHFH advocates for community development by providing access to safe, affordable housing for underserved low income families in Aiken County through education, construction and support services.

Our Vision

  1. Aiken County has adequate safe and affordable housing for all.
  2. ACHFH is recognized as a leading partner in community development for underserved low income individuals and families.

Our Core Values

  • We believe God will provide all that is needed to fulfill our mission.
  • innovative collaborations, proactive planning and sustained advocacy, we mobilize Christ’s provisions.
  • Reflecting our Christian ministry, we maintain integrity through responsibility and honesty.
  • We believe faith and commitment change people’s lives and the life of the community.

Our History

Aiken County Habitat for Humanity (ACHFH) was founded in 1988 by local community citizens led by St. John’s United Methodist Church. The first house was dedicated April 30, 1989 on Horry Street, after being built by volunteers and sold to the Lewis Family. Today, across Aiken County in Aiken, North Augusta, Jackson, Warrenville and Montmorenci we have completed over 125 houses with 23% of them paid off. We have carried and serviced approximately 75 active partner families mortgages a year since 2016. We strive to build four houses per year averaging three per year over the last ten years.

In 1996, we opened our first ReStore to support the mission of the organization and further our vision of safe and affordable housing for all. It has grown from annual revenue of $30,000 per year to averaging $25,000 per month in sales revenue, which is vital to support our mission. ReStore donations continue to grow each year leading to our need for multiple store renovation projects over the years.

Our Founders

Bruce Eberhard, Pat Bisschop, John Elliott, Elmore Fabrick, Mary Fabrick, Emilie Towler and Oscar Towler