“Amid our abundance and pleasures many will go to bed hungry.
Some won’t have a roof over their heads. Many will feel that no one cares about them” …
“we never know when even a small action provides significant change in someone’s life.”

— Scott Hunter, Aiken Standard Publisher and Editor, Aiken Standard, March 4, 2012

With the heightened awareness provided by in-the-moment access through media to the conditions of the world… we see issues of poverty, hunger, health and homelessness at close hand.

There is a housing need crisis worldwide. There is a housing need crisis here in America… here in Aiken. There are 95 million people, nearly one third of the U.S. population, who experience the pain of housing problems. Among those are families who want to own homes, who have incomes to support a mortgage, but cannot find safe, affordable homes in their communities. Aiken Habitat for Humanity knows from 25 years of experience, that “home ownership” changes lives.

In a recent paper (published by the Center for the Study of Social Policy, June 2011), it stated that, “this link between safe and adequate housing and well-being has contributed to community leaders, advocates and policy makers demonstrating an understanding of the role that place plays in influencing lives and life chances.”

That is the purpose to which Aiken Habitat is committed. That is the need that is being answered, “To provide affordable, quality housing to those families in our community in need.”

The Benefits of Home Ownership are tangible:

  • Homeownership creates family stability
  • Homeownership enhances human dignity
  • Homeownership provides for health, safety and security
  • Homeownership increases educational and employment prospects
  • Homeownership enables families to aspire to higher goals
  • Homeownership leads to wealth creation through financial counseling that leads to equity and savings

The Impact of Home Ownership in the larger Community is powerful:

  • As families thrive, the community thrives
  • It helps to attract economic investment and development
  • It impacts our school systems and local organizations
  • It leads to safer homes and neighborhoods
  • The positive impact upon children contributes to a more positive future for our community

Aiken Habitat FACTS:

  • 92 homes built (1988 – 2013)
  • 92 families became homeowners
  • 11 mortgages paid off
  • 611 volunteers serving (in 2013)
  • 33 businesses as sponsors
  • 18 churches engaged

The Need… The solution… Your commitment

“Who doesn’t understand the value of a Home?”
— Richard Church, Executive Director, Aiken Habitat for Humanity.

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