Past Women Build Photos


First day: listening to directions

Second Weekend:


 working on foundation(above)    ready for inspection (below)       lunch break (above)

Third Weekend:

raising the walls – everybody ready?                         …. it’s heavy – glad we have so much help ….

…….almost there….                                                        …yeah…

a super advisor advises                              finished shed for tools and later use by homeowner

a future homeowner getting sweat equity hours               site sign

Fourth Weekend:

The studs for the exterior and interior walls are up.


The trusses are ready to go……….and then they are up.  (next to the 5th Women Build)


The sky is the limit.



Fifth Weekend (including USCA students):left – it finally stopped raining

up on the roof                                                     working inside and outside


<       dried in for Easter weekend                                 Happy Easter everyone!


Sixth Weekend:

electrical and plumbing has been roughed in, exterior doors are on, shingles are on  –  time for lunch

                                                                                                  lunch break

time to go back to work

A lift helps.

Who’s going up first?


insulation is next                               tight-rope walking?

Seventh Weekend

the finished roof
almost finished putting on the drywall

homeowner, Victoria and her dad / a group of volunteers from GA Health Sci. Univ. (MCG)


Eighth Weekend

the back deck                                                                 putting up siding

taking a much-deserved rest – ready to begin painting next weekend

Ninth Weekend

installing soffit on the front                       deck and siding complete on back

mother-daughter painting team                  cleaning tools is important when painting

priming and first coat of paint is complete

deck finished

siding finished on all exterior walls

Tenth Weekend – National Women Build Week

Women Build Week lunch

Mayor Cavanaugh read the proclamation that             speaking for Women Build Week
May 5-13, 2012 is Women Build Week.

                                                                      volunteers from Lowe’s

homeowner, Victoria is painting as are these volunteers                      hanging a door

Eleventh Weekend

taking a moment from painting                           the cabinets are in and look great

a summer visitor is helping                          planning next weekend (light fixtures are up)

Work is not scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend.

Have a safe holiday and remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Twelfth Weekend

Twins!?                                        We finished the baseboards-yes!


Our SuperAdvisor shelving expert                    Our volunteers installed a lovely floor

Women Build Committee members set up for lunch

Thirteenth Weekend

cutting final pieces of trim

Dedication – June 24, 2012

Tiffany Henry, Ass’t Store Mgr, Lowe’s of Aiken presents a bag  of  tools to Victoria. ( Lowe’s is the National Partner of the WB.)


Victoria and Foundation cut the ribbon.

USCA Campus Habitat Chapter made and donated these flower boxes.

The Carolina Pine Quilters Guild donated this wall hanging.

                                         Everyone enjoyed the refreshments.

                          Thank you to everyone!